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Extensia Bridge Associates is your partner for Digital Transformation and Business Optimisation.The foundations for which, lie in an effective knowledge and data management strategy.


Supporting the sustainable growth of telecoms and ICT in Africa.

Extensia connects people! Through our events, we bring key stakeholders together to drive the development of Africa’s Telecoms and ICT Sector. Through our Extensia Bridge service, we consult on Digital Transformation and Business Optimisation and connect buyers with trusted solution partners. Read more:

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Extensia Bridge supports the growth and transformation of Africa’s Telecoms and ICT Service Providers.

Telecoms and ICT on the African Continent is one of the most challenging and dynamic sectors in the World. To keep pace with change and embrace opportunity, service providers need a partner who can help them to keep pace with change while they manage the here and now! Extensia Bridge is that partner for many service providers across Africa


  • South Africa: Big network upgrade for Webafrica fibre and ADSL

    Webafrica is in the process of migrating from Internet Solutions to its own infrastructure provider in partnership with a number of parties, including Echo Service Provider. The ISP confirmed that it is working on the deployment of a new network, which it says is completely different to the platform it currently uses, following questions from

  • MTN Nigeria signs 7-year NGN 200 bln medium term loan

    MTN Nigeria Communications has signed a seven-year NGN 200 billion medium term facility with a consortium of seven banks. Chief executive officer Ferdi Moolman said the agreement is with a consortium of seven mostly local banks, with Citibank acting as coordinator and Quantum Zenith as facility agent. Moolman said the medium-term facility would enable MTN

  • Africa: Tata partners with Africa Development Solutions on fibre backbone

    Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS) said it’s partnering with Africa Development Solutions (ADS Group) to facilitate building a fibre infrastructure backbone across Africa and enable a digital economy that can empower societies and communities, in line with the smarty Africa vision. TCTS will perform pre-feasibility assessments with ADS for African nations, studying existing as well

  • Nigeria: Real Owners of MTN Nigeria Revealed

    Last Saturday’s listing of MTN Nigeria shares on the Premium Board of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) has made it possible to identify the shareholders of the telecoms firm. Many Nigerians believed the Nigerian government owned part of the South African firm through an unspecified equity holding by the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA). But,


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