Africa: SatADSL, Global Telesat and RascomStar Join Forces to Deliver Better Connectivity in Africa

Satellite Internet Service Provider SatADSL; Global Telesat, the provider of satellite communications hardware and services, and RascomStar, the company that operates the first pan-African satellite, announced the signing of a partnership agreement on May 9, 2018 to improve connectivity in Africa.

Global Telesat will make its network facilities and equipment available to SatADSL, which will support them in providing communities, businesses and administrations with a wide range of telecom services supported by the capabilities of RascomStar’s RQ1R satellite, which covers the entire network. Africa in bands C and K.

Through this strategic collaboration, Caroline De Vos, co-founder and director of operations at SatADSL, indicates that millions of people will be able to access broadband telecommunications in Africa.

“The pooling of our combined expertise in the satellite communications industry has allowed us to offer a unique offer in previously underserved areas at a time when connectivity has never been so crucial.” , Was she rejoiced.

Sherif Azzabi, President and CEO of RascomStar, believes that this union is in line with the company’s mission to develop rural and remote areas throughout Africa through telecom services, and “our partnership with SatADSL and Global Telesat will allow us to do exactly that . 

Source: Agence Ecofin