Airtel Kenya monitors internet pricing after cuts by Safaricom

Airtel Kenya plans to reduce the price of data bundles in response to a similar decision by competitor Safaricom, reports Business Daily. Airtel Africa chief executive Raghunath Mandava said that his team is monitoring Safaricom’s move and will do “whatever is relevant” to satisfy customers. Safaricom recently brought in non-expiring data plans and increased bundle sizes by more than 45 percent for those purchasing bundles of up to KES 20.

Airtel’s pricing is relatively cheaper than Safaricom’s, said Business Daily. For instance, while KES 250 gets a customer 2 GB from Airtel for seven days, the same sun gives Safaricoms user 1 GB to use over the same period. An Airtel customer gets 6 GB to use for seven days for KES 500, but Safaricom customers only get 3 GB for the same period at that price.

Safaricom had cut data prices by 42 percent in the year ended March, according to South Africa-based shareholder Vodacom in filings made public in July.