Algeria Telecom Satellite prepares Triple Play with Alcomsat-1 satellite capabilities

The satellite telecommunications operator, Algérie Telecom Satellite (ATS), is preparing to put Triple Play, a new telecom service, on the Algerian telecom market.

It is a pack including broadband Internet, telephony and television. To help it in this new adventure, ATS solicited the technical expertise of two public companies.

Mohamed Anouar Benabdelouahad, the president and CEO, said that “discussions have been initiated with two Algerian companies, namely the National Enterprise of Electronic Industries (Enie) and the Algerian Industry of Telephony (Inatel) for the manufacture of the turnkey pack consisting of an antenna, a modem and a satellite receiver “ .

The company, a subsidiary of the public group Algérie Telecom, has decided to capitalize on the capacity of the national satellite Alcomsat-1, for the moment in test period, to boost its revenues.

ATS, which currently offers Vsat, geolocation and maritime telecommunications services, recorded a turnover of 6,007 billion dinars (52,861,600 US dollars), against 3,378 billion (29,726,400 US dollars) in 2016.

Its net profit reached 1,002 billion dinars (US $ 8,817,600). According to Mohamed Anouar Benabdelouahad, it is  “the best business year achieved by ATS since its creation in 2006” .

With these activities, coupled with the Triple Play, which aims at a wider market, ATS has set itself the ambition of exceeding the 7 billion dinars (61,600,000 US dollars) in turnover in 2018.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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