Benin’s telecom market shifted to mobile number portability on September 28, 2018

On 28 September 2018, the Chairman of the Board of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Post (Arcep-Benin), Flavien Bachabi, launched the official launch of mobile number portability (Pnm). In preparation since July 17, 2017, portability, piloted by Arcep, was made technically possible by Porting Benin Sarl, a subsidiary of the Dutch company Porting Xs.

Arnaud Koudjan Nihoué, director of networks and infrastructure of Arcep-Benin, explained that the service “gives the opportunity to the consumer to change operator without changing the number. This service offers several advantages. For the consumer, these are advantages linked to the preservation of his identity and the offers of the new network. For the operators, the Pnm imposes the continuous improvement of the quality of the services and the offers. For the regulator, the Pnm helps to encourage competition between the networks, “ he explained. 

To qualify for portability, consumers must meet certain conditions, including waiting three months after activation of its number to request to be worn or not to ask to be worn with a blocked number, subject to service restrictions or under suspension by a competent authority or court.

Source: Agence Ecofin