Cameroon: ART announces control of telecom equipment and ICT equipment

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ART) of Cameroon announces in the coming days, a control of telecom devices and ICT equipment sold on the national market. To this end, a campaign is planned to identify and verify their certificates of approval in order to verify that they comply with the requirements of technical compliance and the international standards in force. This concerns mobile phones, smartphones, digital tablets, broadcasting transmitters, TV transmitters; earth station equipment, telematic equipment, Wi-Fi equipment, decoders, etc.

In a statement, Philémon Zo’o Zame, the director general of ART, invites vendors and other importers of ICT and telecom devices to have them registered with its services before they are placed on the market. He added that all offenders face penalties.

According to Mengang Bekono, the technical director of ART, the regulator’s control campaign aims to combat “the presence in the domestic market of unapproved phones and ICT devices and to control the volume of these devices in circulation. on the national territory. It also aims to protect local economic operators against unfair competition from illegal importers and to stop the importation of counterfeit phones and terminals and the risks they pose to the user. Each phone has a unique code, it is the Imei code used in case of search for loss, theft or identification of a phone by the network of the operator. But it turns out that on the market, there are hundreds of phones that have the same Imei.

Beyond market raids, throughout the national territory, to control the quality of ICT and telecom devices on the market, ART also plans to work with the customs to block the entry of such equipment into the country. the country. A memorandum of understanding is being prepared with this administration to determine the mode of collaboration between the two parties.

Source: Agence Ecofin