Cameroon: Yoomee Mobile builds on former Vodafone customers to build a market base

Cameroon: Yoomee Mobile builds on former Vodafone customers to build a market base

The new mobile operator, Yoomee Mobile, operating since 25 August 2017 under a virtual license, has engaged in an aggressive recovery operation of the former subscribers of Vodafone. In fact, since the mobile broadband connectivity provider’s announcement of the cessation of its operations in the country on November 10, 2017, its former subscribers have been receiving messages from Yoomee Mobile asking them to continue their broadband experience with their cards. SIM 4G, while keeping their old modem. Some subscribers are even prospected directly over the phone by Yoomee Mobile’s sales agents.

Yoomee Mobile wants to capitalize on Vodafone’s old subscriber base to build a strong market base. The virtual operator offers former Vodafone customers, who spent money on equipment that is now useless, the opportunity to see it used again thanks to its compatibility with its SIM cards; a compatibility that can be explained by the use made by Vodafone of the telecom network of Cameroon Telecommunications (Camtel) to offer its broadband services to other cities in the country outside of Yaounde and Douala, as Yoomee Mobile. The equipment of both companies therefore seems to be parameterized in a similar way.

It is in all, several hundred thousand of former subscribers of Vodafone that Yoomee Mobile wants to recover. The company also counts on the quality of its services and its prices that it wants advantageous to seduce the rest of the consumers of telecom services in Cameroon.

Source: Agence Ecofin