Congo Dem. Rep.: Augustin Kibassa Maliba, the new Minister of Telecommunications, promises stronger control of operators

The new Minister of Posts, Telecommunications, New Information and Communication Technologies (PTNTIC) of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Augustine Kibassa Maliba, appointed on August 26, 2019 by President Felix Tshisekedi, said this September 9, 2019 that it will increase the control of telecom operators during its presence in the government. He spoke on September 9, 2019, at the signing ceremony with Emery Okundji.

Augustin Kibassa Maliba is determined to earn the state the money it deserves in the telecommunications sector.

In the past, the Vodacom, Airtel, Orange and Africell companies came up against the telecoms regulator, who denounced the under-reporting of international calls, thus depriving the state of an important financial resource.

The private consultant AGI, retained by the former minister of telecommunications to finally guarantee the veracity of these figures, was thanked in February 2019 by the cancellation of his contract by the head of state. A decision hailed by telecom companies.

But under the Maliba era, in the concern to no longer refer to the operators’ declarations alone, it is not excluded that the Regulatory Authority for Posts and Telecommunications of the Congo (ARPTC) is responsible for these measures. telecom flows for more efficiency and economy.

In addition to the control of telecom operators, Augustin Kibassa Maliba also expressed his desire to see the country improve its telecommunications legislation to adapt to international standards and technological developments.

Source: Agence Ecofin