Congo: ZTE to help Congo implement its Digital Economy Development Plan

Telecoms equipment supplier Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment Company Limited (ZTE) will help the Congo implement its national strategy for the digital economy 2018-2022, once its drafting is complete. A cooperation agreement to this effect was signed on 1 st  March 2018 between the Chinese company and Leon Just Ibombo, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications of Congo. It was in Barcelona, Spain, during the Mobile World Congress held from February 26 to 1 st,  2018.

Congo’s national strategy for developing the digital economy will be the instrument that reconciles the improvement of sustainable development indicators in terms of economic growth, employment, security, environmental protection and competitiveness. It will also promote innovation and improve conditions and access to finance, to strengthen production, processing and distribution chains, boost investment levels and improve the country’s international attractiveness.

The signing of the cooperation agreement between ZTE and Congo, is the fruit of the consultations initiated on June 24, 2016 between Loïc Li Shijun, ZTE Congo General Manager and Léon Juste Ibombo, for the acceleration of the development of the national telecommunications sector.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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