E3+P is Extensia’s exclusive collaboration with international Executive and Corporate Education providers Rib & Wit, to offer a premier digital leadership programme. The five modules in the programme can be taken individually or in any combination of 1, 2,3,4 or all 5 modules in any order of preference. In just a few months, organisations will be able to tackle their markets with renewed capacity and confidence, backed by a range of global best practices as well as methodologies tuned to the African marketplace. The modules cover key business areas which will transform today’s companies into tomorrow’s leaders via holistic innovation, emerging technologies, and customer engagement excellence:



Business Transformation in Practice for Digital Leaders

The ‘Digital World’ of the future opens up a wealth of opportunity to those companies who are ready to embrace it. Cloud adoption, Digital Data strategies and Smarter thinking improve agility, innovation, engagement and quality of service whilst reducing costs and improving security of essential communications. This practical and enlightening module will provide insights from leading cloud and data companies sharing insights and best practices alongside practical guidance from leading practitioners








Intrapreneur Strategy Execution in a Digital Africa


Africa enjoys a natural entrepreneurial culture. Companies who embrace this spirit within their own organisation and develop an ‘intrapreneurial culture’, channel this natural spirit of innovation into a shared vision. Encouraging agility, relevance and cutting edge innovation is essential to guarantee your place in the digital future. Throughout the programme, research, analysis and experience from leading professors and practitioners from Europe, Middle East and Asia will be translated into your environment through an interactive workshop programme.





Customer Experience Management for Service Providers

It is broadly accepted that it costs 5 times as much to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one and the probability of selling to an existing client is typically 60-70% where the probability of selling to a new customer is just 5-20% and yet 44% of companies have a greater focus on acquisition versus only 18% that focus on retention. Customer Experience Management is a critical tool in client engagement and retention leading to the most effective route for revenue improvements. This module will review best practices applicable to the African landscape and will incorporate practical tools for journey mapping, employee engagement and customer service







Innovation Practices for African Digital Businesses

With rapidly shortening product life-cycles and increasing competition in an always-connected world, companies need to evolve beyond the traditional top-down, inside-out processes for innovation. This module presents frameworks for design thinking and ecosystem innovation. Cross-functional design thinking strengthens long-term creativity and competitive positioning. Ecosystem thinking helps develop cross-organisational and participatory approaches to innovation. This module will be divided into cycles of three alternating sections: theoretical framework, case study, and group activity.





Blockchain impact in Emerging Markets 

Originated with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, blockchain meta-technology and business enablement is the latest paradigm shift in the digital economy. Blockchain brings a totally new conception on doing business. From financial services to any transactional and economy based process, the introduction of this technology promises huge impact on the way we are doing things. By the enablement of distributed ledgers acting as unique and secured digital stamps verified by multiple computing power and users, blockchain allows the removal of intermediaries and middle men during any process involving transactions, remittances, digital signatures, e-commerce and many other platform – process based business models.  With this module, we will enlighten about the meaning of the technology and the consequences of its rapid introduction for new business models and disruptive applications especially for those in the need and emerging Countries off-grid.