Egypt: Vodafone wants to invest in solar power plants to empower its electricity network and shops

Mobile phone operator Vodafone Egypt plans to invest in solar energy. The telecom company is thinking of building photovoltaic power plants in the city of Banban, in the governorate of Aswan.

The equipment that will produce between 20 and 25 MW of renewable energy by 2025, should allow the company to ensure its autonomy in electricity and to power smoothly all its telecom network, its stores and offices through the country.

These non-polluting solar power plants are expected to cost nearly 500 million Egyptian pounds ( 27,878,726 US dollars) to the telecom company, according to energylivenews which reports the information.

Beyond its energy self-sufficiency, Vodafone Egypt’s investment also aims to reduce its carbon footprint in the country and encourage sustainability. An ambition that fits with the development vision of the Egyptian government by 2030. 

This investment will also guarantee the telecom company better management of its finances. Indeed, it will eliminate the cost of supplying fuel to telecom stations far from the national grid. It will also provide continuity of service, allowing the company to offer its services without interruption or disruption to consumers, in case of problems on the national power grid.

Source: Agence Ecofin