Ethiopia: Russia to Make Ethiopia Center of Excellence in Science, Technology

Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov announced his country’s desirous to make Ethiopia center of excellence in science and technology in Africa.

The visiting Minister made the announcement while discussing with President Mulatu Teshome in Addis Ababa.

According to Meles Alem, Spokesperson of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russia is eager to establish center of excellence in Ethiopia.

Russia decided to establish the center believing that the country has a huge potential for the field as well as its recognition at the continental level.

According to Meles, President Mulatu Teshome has welcomed the plan as it will help to boost innovation in the country.

The relationship between Ethiopia and Russia which started 120 years ago, doesn’t reach the desired level.

The then Soviet Union was among the five countries that opposed Italy’s idea of colonizing Ethiopia. history has recorded that members of the Russian red cross were supporting Ethiopian patriots during the battle of Adwa.

The visit of Sergey Lavrov is expected to boost the age-long and historic relationship.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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