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Extensia Bridge supports the growth and transformation of Africa’s Telecoms and ICT Service Providers.

Telecoms and ICT on the African Continent is one of the most challenging and dynamic sectors in the World. To keep pace with change and embrace opportunity, service providers need a partner who can help them to keep pace with change while they manage the here and now! Extensia Bridge is that partner for many service providers across Africa

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Extensia Bridge Associates is your partner for Digital Transformation and Business Optimisation, the foundations for which, lie in an effective knowledge and data management strategy. We work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and define a path for transformation. We assesses the current effectiveness of your data and information management practices and provide a road-map for improving your Customer services, Stakeholder relations, Operational efficiencies, Cost savings and Revenue-generation processes.

 Consulting and advisory:  We are here to help you to:

  • Build an effective turnaround, expansion or diversification strategy.
  • Develop a digital leadership team.
  • Go to market on your behalf to raise capital through the divestment of you Tower and Network infrastructure
  • Improve your customer retention and customer acquisition activities through improvements in Quality of Service and digital service development.

Legal, Finance and Investment: Offering Project Finance, Market Entry, Project Acquisition and Legal support and consultation. We offer expertise in Sale Leaseback, Build to Suit Financing and Asset Divestiture, Mergers and Acquisition.

Revenue Generation: Through our vendor agnostic consulting experts, we can guide you towards the most useful solutions based on your environment and objectives in the areas of Digital Experience, Customer Engagement, Cloud service, Data Monetisation/ Commercialisation, A2P messaging, Revenue Share solutions

Data Management and Digital Strategy: Analysing your organisational objectives and aligning them with the latest and most effective technologies for improving your efficiency and quality of service, auditing your digital platforms and infrastructures and aligning them with your organisational objectives. We audit your infrastructures and manage your vendor relationships

Rural and Under-served Area connectivity: We offer the lowest power consuming equipment currently available on the market. Telco’s can deploy in areas with the least densely populated, most remotely located and lowest average revenue per user, whilst still affording a healthy business case. A solution which is built from the ground up for carriers to expand their footprint into remote, rural areas.

Network Auditing: Helping you to assess and optimise the true value of your current network infrastructure and guiding you on the optimisation of your current resources.

Network Build: We offer turnkey engineering and construction with specialist design and build projects in the energy, telecommunications, infrastructure, industrial & resources sectors. Working to OSHAS 18001 Health and Safety Standards, ISO 9001 Quality compliant and ISO 14001 environmental standards. We build, finance and lease datacentres, metro fibre networks, renewable energy projects and other key infrastructures.

We analyse your needs against market resources to offer you an end to end solution aligned to your development objectives allowing you the time to focus on your core business activities, comfortable in the knowledge that you are building on solid foundations.

Service Provider Support Solutions

Extensia have developed a portfolio of solutions designed to support service providers to release capital, generate revenue, improve efficiency and security and optimise their data. Working with some of the most innovative solution partners we are bringing innovative international companies to Africa in support of development agendas and service provider’s need to innovate, improve customer engagement and retention and avoid poor quality of service penalties we are seeing from regulators across Africa.

  • Network development We support operators to raise capital or source investment for passive infrastructure and energy projects. We source investors and management companies to allow operators to move their network infrastructure costs from CAPEX to OPEX. We have access to some of the largest global investors and construction partners who are looking to invest in large energy and Telco infrastructure projects. The model follows the TowerCo model where existing infrastructure can be bought from and leased back to the operator to release capital. Infrastructure can also be rolled out on a ‘Build to Suit’ basis and again, leased to the operator, accelerating network rollout.
  • Fraud prevention/ Revenue Assurance/Customer Engagement/ Revenue Generation we offer industry leading A2P messaging and associated services. And can offer a Business-as-a-Service Enterprise Partnership model incorporating:
    • an advanced international A2P SMS firewall with filtering and monetization components to prevent illegal and unpaid international A2P messages from causing network congestion (unfiltered message volumes), poor customer experience (unsolicited messages) and revenue loss (unpaid inbound messages). Once the network congestion is improved, this clears the way for additional services to operate effectively on the network.
    • an in country enterprise service which drives the adoption of enterprise business, encouraging business owners to use the A2P (Application to Person) messaging channel to drive business development, improve customer engagement, provide useful and timely alerts etc. etc. we can put people on the ground to assist with engaging enterprise businesses and selling the service to increase uptake and understanding from the enterprise client side.
    • ‘Carrier Billing’ solution. Very simply, using an app store as an access point for applications and services, from entertainment to productivity and payment gateways, Carrier Billing allows the customer to pay for services with their air-time credit. This saves the need for a mobile wallet or other payment tool and allows the customer to use the one thing they carry with them wherever they are, using the money they have already loaded onto the phone as airtime credit. Very secure and easy to use.
  • Customer Experience solution enabling operators to offer their customers a fully Digital Experience. Clients can tailor their air time, data and message packages to suit their requirements in real time e.g. If they are running short of data but have plenty of minutes, they can swap minutes for data or messages. They can also gift minutes, data or messages to family and friends if they are running short and customers can buy micro packages of popular apps e.g. 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week access to popular music, video, gaming or other applications. Customers can also adjust their subscription package in real time just by logging into their account. This total control of customisation is very appealing to customers and results in increased usage and vastly improved customer experience
  • Document Management Through our Mail Room solution, we offer end to end automated document processing built around an operator’s or enterprise’s business rules. A Web 2.0-ready integrated workflow engine powers the automatic distribution of documents and information throughout your organization. It can easily integrate with current workflows and uses existing IT infrastructure and authorization methods to speed up work processes and manage workloads with greater efficiency. The solution will vastly improve data flow throughout the organisation resulting in:
    • Improved speed – When all incoming information is automatically driven to your systems for immediate action, your turnaround times drastically improve.
    • Improved security When data is digitised and managed through workflow rules ensuring the information is only accessible to authorised personnel
    • Improved efficiency When accurate data enters your systems and reaches the people within your organization that need it—without delay.
    • Improved data accuracyWhen the system employs supervised learning technology to automatically classify and route all incoming data
    • Improved control and transparencyWhen there is visibility across the entire lifespan of information processing and data lives on your central systems, accessible by all relevant staff
    • Improved customer happiness When you can ensure that incoming queries and communications receive a rapid and context-appropriate response
  • Data Management Tool. Data/ Information management maturity diagnosis. We have developed a simple diagnostic tool to help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses with regards to becoming a Data/ Knowledge driven organisation. The ability to process and manage the information across your organisation is critical to sustainable growth, performance improvement, customer retention and profit. Brochure attached.  Once we have delivered the analysis results, we can also provide consultancy services to illustrate the most effective roadmap for improvement.
  • Advanced AI Analytics for anomaly detection. using advanced AI analytics to incorporate an understanding the analytical models, and how to implement the machine learning algorithms required to continually find and refine the results to take action where appropriate. It is not enough to flag anomalies. The solution must also minimize the false positives that can waste the time of human analysts in network operations, fraud management, security, and customer care. The top use cases for advanced analytics for telcos will be in the areas of:
    • Network Operations – Using advanced AI analytics platforms to identify leading indicators of network performance issues before they become major outages of service allows a mobile telecom’s network operations (NOC) team to focus their time on planning network optimisation
    • Service Quality – Advanced Analytics provide NOC teams with more fine-grained information than when they are tending to the overall health of the network. An automated analytics platform is key to ensuring network teams can keep the network up and running and ensuring all subscribers have the same experience.
    • Revenue Assurance – AI analytics platforms are key to identifying revenue leakage as it happens, and essential to strengthening the process to present discrepancies between expected results and how events are actually billed
    • Roaming – There are data components from mediation platforms, customer subscription settings, and billing to the correct subscriber accounts in the roaming reconciliation process. An AI analytics platform’s ability to quickly identify and consider issues with subscriber event processing, account details, and billing allows mobile carriers to address these risks
    • Customer Care – subscribers who touch the customer care organization either via a voice call or a help chat will be looking for information on how to resolve their particular issue, or perceived issue, with the carrier. When your AI analytics platform has information from internal support systems, such as billing systems, network operations, and subscriber accounts, they can provide customer context and improve problem resolution.
  • Cyber Security. Our platform comprehensively exercises your defences with the industry’s widest range of attack vectors, providing an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) simulation of your security posture at all times. The solution enables you to test your network’s ability to cope with pre-exploitation-stage threats in Email, Browsing, and WAF. You can analyse your ability to respond to real incidents with our post-exploitation modules like Hopper, Endpoint and Data Exfiltration. You can assess and improve awareness among employees against phishing, ransomware and other attacks and gain a clear picture of your vulnerabilities from every point of exposure and learn what will really happen when you are attacked. Implementation is quick and only requires a device (laptop or desk top computer) installed on your network, for us to simulate attacks on a pre agreed frequency and focussing on all or specific threat areas. It is a flexible SAAS license agreement which is much cheaper and less intrusive than penetration testing or other solutions in the market.
  • Enterprise call routing, in-bound call management and number acquisition. Our solution is a simple web application, branded to suit a your website, providing self-service access to a fully automated shop for phone numbers. All over the world with easy to use self-service call routing packages. The self-service shop includes:
  • Number Ordering – Your customers can make a selection of the local or international available numbers in the widget and on the ordering page. Besides selecting a new number, your customer will also be able to submit a porting order for an existing number. Or activate a number which they have already registered with a local regulator.
  • Packages – When a number is selected in the shop, your customer will be presented with the available packages to choose form with a quick comparison overview to help them make the right selection.
  • Number Sales – Telco numbers can be accessed by local enterprise clients and international companies wishing to acquire a local number when they access the widget through their own service provider as the same numbers will be promoted to the international market.

Extensia Universal Connectivity Solutions – Solving The Puzzle

Extensia have developed a portfolio of solutions designed to support ubiquitous connectivity. From low cost connectivity in underserved areas to easily deployed high throughput connectivity in urban areas, temporary connectivity for disaster zones to large events and high throughput connectivity on the move without the blackspots.


Our low cost 2G/3G/4G coverage includes the world’s most affordable, lowest power consumption and easiest to deploy GSM base station. Specifically designed to reach the next billion mobile subscribers, the GSM LiteCell opens a whole new world of possibilities for connecting low density, low income, and remote populations. The GSM LiteCell is a hand-carried, tower-mounted base station. It does not require any machinery to install, nor any kind of shelter to protect it. Antennas connect directly to the unit; no need for costly and cumbersome external RF components. Its all-IP interface makes the GSM LiteCell easy to connect to any IP-based terrestrial or satellite backhaul. The base station’s ultra-low power consumption minimizes CAPEX associated to solar panels and batteries or OPEX in the case of diesel-powered sites. The LiteCell solution is optimised for Satellite and is the fourth generation of GSM base station, building on a track record of high reliability, with thousands of units deployed in all parts of the world, enduring the harshest conditions.

Wholesale Open Access

Providing a complete solution for independent operators to affordably develop a wholesale rural access network in remote and underserved areas, developing multiple revenue streams including: National roaming revenue, VOIP revenue, Cyber Cafe/Callshop revenue, Internet revenue, Internet Hot Spot revenue and Money transfer revenue.


Nanosats are the hottest topic in the satellite industry. Bringing the cost of satellite into the affordability bracket with very low latency and blanket coverage of key regions. There are many planned deployments of Nano Satellites and we are pleased to offer the first commercially operational telecom network over Nano Satellite technology with 3 satellites already in operation as a proof of concept and 200 more planned for 2019 covering the Equatorial belt plus or minus 5 degrees. The service operates on S band frequency that enables a very small device with patch antenna (8cm) or monopole antenna and very low power consumption to provide a narrowband communication network enabling IoT, M2M, Voice and messaging services.

High Throughput Urban Connectivity

Where high bandwidth connectivity is required in an urban setting but digging up roads and laying fibre is not a viable or available option, front-haul provides a real alternative. It addresses rights of way challenges and can be rapidly deployed, providing effective densification on the same day and at vastly reduced prices. Unique low latency signal processing solutions boost ultra-high speed CPRI transmission over any medium (Wireless, Fiber or Coaxial). It is a truly versatile solution offering operators a toolbox for diverse deployment scenarios to densify and centralize the RAN. The solution is transparent for the RAN, hence coordination between cells and carrier aggregation within cells is guaranteed. It can be applied on any carrier frequency. Multiple optical and wireless segments can be daisy chained to form an end-to-end front-haul connection.

The solution has gained strong brand awareness with awards on best-in-class efficient CPRI involved with major Mobile Network Operators such as Orange, ATT, VZ, VF, Telefonica, TI, and Bouygues Telecom. We have considerable expertise on interworking with existing RAN equipment to guarantee mobile networks’ KPIs.

Front-haul involves the movement of data and voice from a cell site Remote Radio Head (RRH) to a centralized Baseband Unit (BBU), which then connects to the Mobile Telephone Switching Office (MTSO).

Temporary Connectivity

Temporary cell sites are required for special civic, sports or cultural events that create a short-term spike in traffic, as well as for large-scale construction projects or even in the aftermath of natural disasters. Natural disasters and other emergencies require rapid installation of temporary facilities (such as mobile “cell-on-wheels” sites) to restore service to the impacted areas. Also operators often need to temporarily replace existing cell sites or change their antenna locations to perform maintenance such as roof waterproofing, restoration or other building work. Thanks to the physical separation between the baseband unit and antenna, our wireless front-haul solutions provide a flexibility and ease of implementation that makes our solution ideal for the rapid deployment of all sorts of temporary sites.

High Grade, High Throughput Connectivity on the Move

It is our vision to complete the connectivity fabric for everything everywhere by enabling mobility on satellite and hybrid satellite-cellular networks. Our cutting edge technology enables you to release the untapped potential of satellite spectrum and new satellite constellations with seamless and adoption of satellite and satellite-cellular connectivity including:

  • High Throughput Mobile Connectivity
  • Global Footprint
  • Simple Provisioning for Quick set up
  • Comes bundled with KyWay terminals
  • Offered as familiar, by the Gigabyte plans
  • Flexible offerings without complicated contracts
  • Scalable Network Services
  • Hybrid Satellite-Cellular ready

With our Ku-band satellite terminals we are able to address the need for lightweight, slim, and high-throughput communication systems that do not require mechanical components to steer toward a satellite and make connecting nearly any vehicle, vessel, or fixed platform easy. Satellite technicians are not required for installation, setup, commissioning and provisioning. Solid state electronically steered antenna, no gimbals, no motors required. Fast tracking, on-the-move connectivity supports mobile broadband.

Combining cutting edge technology with joined up thinking and innovative business models, Extensia Bridge can fill the gaps in your network architecture, improving quality of service, coverage and affordability.

Contact us: info@extensia-ltd.com

EBA can manage your vendor selection processes or support your existing procurement procedures giving you a single point of contact for a multi-vendor requirement. EBA will pro-actively source companies who we feel will be the best fit for your project requirements and directly approach the top decision makers from these companies to encourage their participation in your selection process. EBA can negotiate terms with all vendors and ensure you avoid vendor lock-in contracts.

Please contact Extensia Bridge for more information on consultancy services available.