Ghana and Togo reflect on framework for telecom spectrum use at their border

The National Communications Authority (NCA) of Ghana and the Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Authority (Artp) of Togo have held, since 07 February 2019, a bilateral frequency coordination meeting at their border . The two telecoms regulators are considering a framework for the use of the radio spectrum at the level of the strip of land that separates the two territories in order to avoid problems of interference that cause various inconveniences, including accidental roaming that raises the telecom bill. populations.

Henry Kanor, NCA’s chief operating officer, explained that it is essential for both countries to resolve spectrum interference issues along the border in order to guarantee a high-quality telecom service but, above all, avoid the scrambling of their means of transmission by the administrative authorities and the security forces. 

During this two-day meeting, the two bodies want to find a final amicable solution to resolve this issue, which has been at the center of several meetings in the past and which continues, as well as its impact on the economic interests of two countries.

With frequency spectrum interference at the border, telecom operators are seeing their subscribers confiscated by foreign operators. This situation has an impact on their turnover and, in turn, on their investments in the country. A decline in turnover results in a decline in the amount of the tax on income, collected each year by the State.

Source: Agence Ecofin