Ghana: regulator announces quality control actions in the field

The National Communications Authority (NCA) announces the launch of quality control operations for telecom services on the ground, starting this March 2018. The aim is to ensure that telecom operators, present on the national territory, comply with their specifications, in terms of providing the entire population with quality services.

In the initial phase of this control operation, the cities concerned are Ashanti, Great Accra, the northern, eastern and western regions. Key performance indicators will focus on coverage rate, voice quality and data quality. For the telecoms regulator, it has become imperative for people to access quality telecom services, wherever they reside, in view of their increasingly essential nature.

At the end of the monitoring mission, the NCA wants the network of telecom operators to be available in the 216 district capitals of the country. Operators who fail to meet their obligations are exposed to financial and administrative penalties.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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