Ghana: Vodafone 4G services to be available to the public in April 2019

The mobile operator Vodafone Ghana is expected to make its 4G services available to consumers in April 2019. According to indiscretions collected by the platform Citi Business News , the company would have reached the last step in the process of integrating mobile technology into their network. Once this is done, she will be able to join the mobile broadband internet market on which MTN reigns supreme since 2016.

It is indeed three years and a few months since the Ghanaian subsidiary of the South African telecoms group MTN offers 4G to consumers. It acquired the license for this technology in 2015 against US $ 67.5 million. Vodafone, which promises to be a tough competitor, spent US $ 30 million, after much negotiation, to acquire the 4G license. The subsidiary of the British company finally turned to 4G, nearly four years after the first frequency spectrum auctions related thereto, in view of the switchover from the telecom market to the data segment, currently a new growth driver. 

It is Patricia Obo-Nai who will pilot this new adventure of Vodafone Ghana. She will officially take the reins of the company, the 1 st April 2019, as President and CEO. She will replace Yolanda Cuba, who has come to the end of her three-year term, returning to Vodacom Group in South Africa. Patricia Obo-Nai will first have to decide whether or not to introduce part of the telecom company to the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE). His predecessor was fiercely opposed, on the pretext that the government already holds 30% stake in the telecom operator.

Source: Agence Ecofin