How to Drive the Small Business Revolution 

Digital consumers have changed the way they research, discover and buy goods and services. To survive, small businesses must therefore go digital and adapt to the new age of online consumption. Going digital amounts to much more than just establishing a basic online presence. To cross the chasm, the digital SMB needs to adopt a wide range of business automation tools and services that can help them cover the entire consumer journey. To do so, small businesses need a trusted partner capable of helping them make this challenging leap into the digital world. Today, less than 10% of small businesses can claim they are truly ready for the digital consumer age.

Extensia Bridge have partnered with Camilyo to bring our  Online in One platform to help you drive the small businesses digital revolution and capitalize on the huge opportunity it represents.

Marketing, Sales and Business Automation

Camilyo Online in One is a white-labelled, integrated marketing, sales and business automation platform for small businesses.

Built for and sold through digital service providers, it allows DSPs to address all the digital needs of their local business clients from within one fully-integrated system, dramatically reducing operation and licensing costs.

Camilyo enables small businesses to create awareness and capture leads, fulfilling the sales funnel, nurturing customers’ loyalty and controlling the entire consumer journey.

What’s in it for you?

  • Get ahead of the competition by driving the digital revolution for your small business customers
  • Double your digital ARPU with a market-changing offering
  • Increase loyalty and lower churn with highly sticky digital assets
  • Provide real value with digital tools that help small business owners with their daily business needs

Download the brochure here