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Whichever way you look at it, Africa’s telecoms market is the fastest growing in the world and has the greatest potential of any region. This is because it is still at the lowest base point of any continent and also because of rapid growth and a burgeoning appetite for access to services. In Africa, connectivity is not just a ‘nice to have’ play thing but a key driver of social and economic change. Network operators must invest in infrastructure which will support their client’s appetites, if they are to achieve success. Not investing in infrastructure means being left behind by an increasingly impatient customer base who want fast, reliable and affordable connectivity and want it now! But not all operators have the proverbial deep pockets to enable organic growth so how can they keep pace and remain relevant and viable?

For smaller network operators who wish to ride the wave and contribute to the sustainable growth of Telecoms and ICT in Africa, an agile, liquid and innovative approach to business will be the keys to success and longevity. Freeing up revenue from essential assets, investing in growth and divesting legacy equipment will open up opportunities for growth, improved market share and profitability.

According to Steve Song in his insightful blog ‘Many Possibilities’, in the past 12 months alone, there has been an increase of tens of terabits per second in planned and existing undersea fibre capacity around Africa;  a very significant sign of optimism in the telecommunications market.

In the context of fibre backbones in 2015, new projects from 19 African countries, comprised over 22 thousand kilometres of fibre and over 730M dollars of investment.

In the wireless space, developments have comprised one third of the deployments recycling 2G/3G spectrum mostly from the 1800MHz band, a third using 800MHz bands where previously CDMA networks dominated but which have now largely been abandoned, and a final third using 2.3 and 2.6GHz band some of which is new spectrum and some recycled WiMax licenses.

The African connectivity landscape is not just open to giants, all can play a part and each must find their niche but you don’t have to stand alone! Extensia Bridge Assosciates (EBA) are a family of solution providers who are brought together by Extensia to address the needs of the African market. In our solutions family we have access to investors who are looking to invest in telco and energy infrastructure offering leaseback investment solutions to help you invest in developing your core competencies without the burden of network infrastructure costs. We can audit your infrastructure and help you to free up old investments by buying your old equipment, refurbishing, running scheduled maintenance and providing the next evolution according to your requirements with new or refurbished infrastructure, saving you $$$$$$$. Our engineering partners can provide an outsourced, on demand workforce for telecoms and hybrid renewable energy while other partners can handle your business development as a service. You can join us at one of our 2017 business summits where we can introduce you to leading international solution providers and peers from across Africa to see how you can emulate best practices from across the continent or we can support your current solution sourcing efforts by providing you with open access to the global solutions market and our very own preferred partners.

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