Kenya: Safaricom unveils new API platform for developers

Kenya: Safaricom unveils new API platform for developers

Following numerous complaints over their first API iteration, Thibaud Rerolle, Chief Technology Officer at Safaricom told ITWeb Africa in May that they are working on a new modern API platform that will provide a smooth on-boarding for developers.

According to the company, its new platform, dubbed Daraja, will enable businesses to easily integrate with M-Pesa and take will take less than the 60 days it took previously for businesses to link to the service.

“Through Daraja, businesses can now seamlessly integrate both Lipa Na M-Pesa’s BuyGoods and PayBill cashless payments into mobile phone applications, websites, point of sale terminals and other business solutions. As a result, businesses across the country will be in a better position to take advantage of the growing e-commerce trend,” the company said.

Equity Bank is also one of the few companies that have released their APIs for their Equitel mobile money business. Equity launched its API platform in December 2016 to support a range of services, including airtime purchases, online remittance, payment status notification and create payment.

“The simplified onboarding process will enable both small and large businesses to integrate to M-Pesa as a payment platform for their businesses with ease,” said Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore.

Source: IT Web Africa