Kenya: Telkom begins second phase upgrade of fiber optic network

Kenya: Telkom begins second phase upgrade of fiber optic network

Telecommunications operator Telkom has begun the second phase of its program to modernize its telecom infrastructure. The project is focused on nationwide refurbishment of the fiber optic infrastructure, which is expected to increase data capacity, redundancy to other metropolitan cities, and network expansion to key strategic markets.

This second phase comes after the successful completion of the first one a few days ago. It focused on upgrading the fiber optic network and urban transmission networks in Nairobi. With a value of 600 million shillings (US $ 5,779,267.48), this project promoted faster, more reliable data connections with minimal disruption.

Through these investments, Kebaso Mokogi, General Manager of Business Services Division at Telkom, explained that the company wants to become the preferred provider of broadband infrastructure in the region and provide customers with telecom services. unmatched in Kenya and throughout the East African region.

Thanks to the telecom infrastructure modernization program, in which 5 billion shillings (US $ 48,160,562.31) have already been invested, Telkom has been able to launch 4G in 32 cities and urban centers. The company has also doubled capacity on the 3G network.

Currently the third-largest operator in the Kenyan telecom market in terms of subscribers and market share, Telkom, which was acquired by Helios Investment Partners in June 2016, has set itself the ambition of becoming a major player in the country and beyond. of the. The company wants to break the almightiness of Safaricom.

Source: Agency Ecofinj