Kenya: Telkom joins the Mobile Money interoperability platform

Mobile operator Telkom will officially join the Mobile Money interoperability platform on October 4, 2018. In a joint statement, the telecom company and its competitors Safaricom and Airtel announced it, explaining that with interoperability, ”  customers can send and receive money on a different network. Money received from a different network is directly added to the customer account balance as it would have been from the same network  . “

Telkom is the last operator to join the interoperability that Safaricom and Airtel launched in March 2018. At the launch of the new service by its competitors, the subsidiary of Helios Investment Partners had just put its new Mobile Money T-Kash service on the market. market. It still had to make sure that it would integrate well with the interoperability platform.

Source: Agence Ecofin