Liquid Telecom announces a reduction of its workforce in South Africa

Liquid Telecom South Africa, the subsidiary of the pan-African fiber optic Internet connectivity provider, Liquid Telecom, will proceed with a reduction in its workforce. That’s what its chief executive officer, Reshaad Sha (photo), told the ITWeb news site on September 28, 2018, during a phone interview.

The decision to reduce staff stems from a survey conducted in recent months on its business model. This made it possible to assess the contribution of the existing model for the company in terms of financial results. 

It was these visibly negative results that convinced the company that it needed to make several changes to its business model.

“We have now developed a new business model and, with it, we have made some structural changes throughout the organization. As a result of this change, we are now considering a large-scale downsizing process and are entering the consultation phase starting October 1st. It will continue for no less than 60 days, “ Reshaad Sha said.

The change of operational model to another more improved one forces the company to give more room to new services like automation, among others.

Reshaad Sha explained that Liquid Telecom South Africa is not going through this process of downsizing with a figure set in the lead, but with an operational model that has its needs.

Source: Agence Ecofin