Mali: State prepares for the granting of neutral telecoms licenses to switch the country in very high speed

The Government of the Republic of Mali, meeting in Council of Ministers on February 7, 2018, instructed the Minister of Development of the Digital Economy and Posts, to enter into discussions with the telephone operators for the granting of neutral telecom licenses. The operation will be conducted in conjunction with the Minister of Economy, Finance and Development and the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts (Arcep). The government has asked the telecom minister to lead the negotiations on the basis of “the preservation of the interests of the state and the transparency of the process”.

Through its desire to put neutral telecoms licenses on the market, the government of Mali demonstrates its ambition to fully enter the country in the era of very high speed mobile. The granting of technologically neutral licenses, beyond simplifying the process of licensing and licensing, gives operators, above all, greater flexibility in the implementation of their networks and services, including 4G and standards. more advanced technologies than the 4.5G, the 4.7G and even the 5G when it becomes available.

Currently on the Malian telecom market, Orange is the only company that already offers 4G to its consumers. The telecom company won the precious ticket on July 21, 2017 at the same time as the renewal of its telecom license which expired on July 31, 2017. Of the FCFA 100 billion spent, 33 billion was destined for 4G.

On the Sotelma / Malitel side, the Maroc Telecom subsidiary has already applied for the 4G standard in addition to its current license (2G and 3G), which expires on July 30, 2024. The incumbent does not want to be late compared to Orange. Its specifications for 4G have already been finalized and financial discussions are ongoing. Only Atel-SA, which has just launched its mobile activities, has not yet shown any interest in 4G.

Source: Agence Ecofin