Mauritania: Mauritel, Mattel and Chinguitel start the year with a new sanction for “service failure”

Mauritel mobile operators, a subsidiary of Maroc Telecom; Mattel, a subsidiary of Tunisie Telecom and Chinguitel, a subsidiary of Sudatel, were sentenced in early 2019 to a total fine of 60.4 million new Ouguiyas (€ 1,445,829) for “service failure”.  

According to the Regulatory Authority for Posts and Telecommunications (Arpt), the sanction follows the mission of monitoring the quality of voice and data service offered by electronic telecommunications operators, from 20 October to 25 November 2018.

The telecoms regulator indicates that the results of this operation have shown that deficiencies persist in Nouakchott, in several other cities and roads with respect to the obligations stipulated in the specifications.

Mauritel, the leader in the national telecoms market in terms of market share, is fined 37.7 million new Ouguiyas (902,446 euros). Mattel who comes second must pay the sum of 12 million new Ouguiyas (287 251 euros) to the Treasury while Chinguitel will pay a sum of 10.7 million new Ouguiyas (256 132 euros).

In a statement, the telecoms regulator invited each telecom company to send him any comments and observations related to this new sanction. 

The sanction against telecom operators, it is the second served by the telecom regulator since 2017. It comes after many formal notices on the poor quality of service, notified to each company since 2016.

Source: Agence Ecofin