Mauritius: 2019 to see the deployment of fiber optics in Rodrigues and the launch by the country of a nano-satellite

For the year 2019, the Minister of Information and Communication Technologies of Mauritius, Yogida Sawmynaden has unveiled in the newspaper Le Dimanche / L’Hebdo, the realization of many technological projects. Two in particular, large, are expected in view of the social impact they will generate. This is the deployment of optical fiber on the island of Rodrigues and the launch of the first national nano-satellite.

According to the minister, “the 10 th district will be fully connected to the Internet via fiber optics, which is being installed. The island has already been connected to the submarine cable and the inauguration of the connection will be in March. Agalega was not left behind because the archipelago was connected to the internet in September “.

For the nano-satellite, Yogida Sawmynaden said that its launch will be from the International Space Station (ISS). Once in orbit, the miniature equipment will collect data that will be used for, among other things, for road traffic and disaster management, ocean monitoring.

Returning to the achievements of 2018, the Minister revealed that the country has consolidated a number of digital projects engaged in recent years, including the digitalization of several government services.

Source: Agence Ecofin