Mauritius: IOX Cable has launched the underwater exploration phase, prior to the deployment of its submarine fiber optic cable

IOX Cable Ltd, a subsidiary of the INDOI Ltd group, specializing in the provision of fiber-optic Internet connectivity, launched on 9 April 2018 the first phase of the deployment of the optical fiber submarine cable. IOX Cable System.

This is underwater prospecting, mandatory prior to the deployment of the telecom infrastructure.

For this first phase, the prospection that began in Mauritius, will continue to the island of Rodrigues, then South Africa. The operation is performed by a vessel specifically designed for the assessment of seabed conditions, road engineering, cable design, and cable installation program.

The 890-kilometer IOX Cable System, manufactured by Alcatel Submarine Networks, will connect Mauritius to Reunion and South Africa on the one hand, and India to the other. The infrastructure will provide a data capacity of more than 54 terabits per second. It should be operational in 2019.

Arunachalam Kandasamy, founder and CEO of IOX Cable, introduced the IOX Cable System as a new alternative open access way to connect Africa, Asia and Europe, and the United States.

“Our plan is to make Mauritius a digital paradise where all operators can seamlessly use their capabilities, contribute to business creation in the Indian Ocean Islands and build a resilient network.” and diversified, “ he said.

Source: Agence Ecofin