Mobile subscription numbers reach 960 mln in Africa – Jumia

Mobile subscription numbers reach 960 mln in Africa – Jumia

Jumia Nigeria has introduced the 2017 edition of the African Mobile Trends Paper. This is the third white paper presentation from Jumia delving into mobile trends across Africa and specifically Nigeria. This year’s Mobile Africa Study was carried out in 15 African countries which generate more than 80 percent of Africa’s GDP, namely Algeria, Nigeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Mozambique, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Senegal. There are 960 million mobile subscriptions across Africa, with an 80 percent penetration rate among the continent’s population. Internet penetration is at 18 percent with 216 million internet users.

While Nigeria’s internet penetration is much higher at 53 percent, its mobile subscription penetration is similar to the African average at 81 percent (150 million mobile subscriptions). Like last year, it is presumed that the unique subscription rate is lower as each subscriber owns an average of two Sim cards. As predicted in 2016, Nigeria continues its trajectory down the increasingly widening highway that is the mobile internet. With a current internet penetration rate of 53 percent (97.2 million users) Nigeria has a much higher penetration rate than across Africa (18%).

About 71 percent of website visitors on Jumia use their mobile phones. This is in comparison to 53 percent of Jumia African customers. One of the main vehicles of this mobile trajectory is the increasing adoption of the smartphone device by consumers. As predicted in our 2016 report, smartphone adoption continues to rise in Nigeria. The mobile phone category continues to be the most popular among Nigerian shoppers on Jumia, both in terms of the number of items sold, and in terms of revenue generated. The sales of smartphones jumped up by 394 percent between 2014 and 2016, mostly driven by an increasing range of smartphones price points.