Morocco: Optical Fiber Solutions inaugurates its Tangier plant on May 9, and begins its African expansion

Optical Fiber Solutions, a company based in the United States, will officially open its plant in Tangier, Morocco on May 9, 2018, reports Le Matin newspaper .

Through this operational infrastructure since January 12, 2018, the subsidiary of the Japanese group Furukawa Electric, specialized in the manufacture of cables and the supply of fiber optic solutions, will begin the deployment of its services in Africa.

The choice of Morocco to house this first plant of its kind in the country, comes from its highly strategic geographical position.

On April 26, 2018, during the presentation of the 4 th edition of the Symposium on Fiber Optics and Intelligent Buildings to be held on May 8, Jacques Fiorella, General Manager of Furukawa Electric, explained that “we have chosen to to implement in Morocco thanks to several parameters, including political stability, the geostrategic position of the country and its infrastructure. We are targeting the Moroccan market which is booming, but not only. We wanted to have a foothold in Africa to serve this continent effectively, and Morocco was the best choice for us “ .

To install its plant in Tangier, OFS has invested nearly 200 million dirhams (US $ 21,525,468). Deployed over an area of 31,000 square meters, the plant currently employs 85 people with the goal of reaching 200 people.

OFS plans to increase its investment in the Tangier factory to nearly 300 million dirhams (US $ 32,288,202).

Source: Agence Ecofin