Mozambique comms regulator offers army ICT support

Mozambique comms regulator offers army ICT support

Mozambique’s communications regulator Instituto Nacional das Comunicações de Moçambique (INCM) has donated ICT equipment, including computers, for use by the country’s School of Communications of the Armed Forces.

The regulator says it will also arrange for INCM specialists in telecommunications, radio communications and ICT to visit the School of Communications regularly in order to share their knowledge.

Ema Chicoco, Chairperson of the INCM Board says delivery of the computer equipment is aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two institutions.

“The duty of collaboration is the principle that led us to establish this partnership with the Defence Armed Forces of Mozambique, specifically speaking with the School of Communications,” said Chicoco.

The Board’s Chairperson believes the School of Communications can assist the regulator in many ways including in the management of the radioelectric frequency spectrum.

“The trainees will be active subjects of this process of knowledge transfer in the areas of telecommunications, radio communications and information and communication technologies,”

Major General Ramiro Ramos Tulcidás, the Inspector of the Armed Forces says the computers will make a positive impact on work done by Armed Forces for the Defence of Mozambique (FADM).

“[the computers] will contribute substantially to the training of more FADM soldiers, in the field of computer manipulation, a working tool that is indispensable in modern organisations.”

The Mozambican Armed Forces’ first Communication School was opened in 2012 with seed capital of US$1.5 million by the country’s Defence Minister who has since ascended to the role of President.

The School has primarily been sponsored by mobile telephone operator Movitel since it was opened. Movitel is a subsidiary of Vietnamese telecommunications company Viettel.

The INCM donation comes days after Nigeria’s Acting President Yemi Osinbajo warned graduates at Nigeria’s National Defence College (NDC) last week that terror groups and cyber criminals use modern technologies.

“I challenge the elite of our armed forces that if militants, terrorist groups and internet hackers are constantly re-inventing themselves, taking advantage of emerging technologies, you have no reason whatsoever not to be at the cutting edge of technological warfare,” said Osinbajo, as reported by local newspaper Oooduavoice.

Source: IT Web Africa