Mozambique: PCCW Global Announces Major Internet Infrastructure Upgrade

PCCW, a subsidiary of Chinese telecom group HKT based in Hong Kong, announces a major upgrade of its Internet infrastructure in Mozambique, a few weeks after Hurricane Idai, which caused extensive damage and hundreds of deaths throughout the country.

The company’s Internet network is hybrid and combines fiber, satellite, microwave and wireless connectivity. 

Through this upgrade, PCCW Global indicates that it is seeking improved Internet connectivity in the country where broadband access is still weak.

This investment will further facilitate international communications that will help increase the number of Internet users and reduce connectivity costs.

According to Frederick Chui, the commercial director of PCCW Global, “in Mozambique, our goal is to provide users such as global enterprises, content delivery networks, Internet service providers and content providers with affordable connectivity to and from from the country, with the hope of gradually increasing the number of Internet users.

PCCW Global has decided to “invest additional funds to help further reduce barriers to content availability and distribution that can have a significant impact on the Internet in Africa and help make existing international content more accessible” , he said.

Source: Agence Ecofin