Mozambique: Vodacom Receives Unified Telecommunications License

Mobile operator Vodacom Mozambique has won a unified telecommunications license. With a validity of 15 years, this new license replaces the last held by the telecom company, still valid until August 23, 2018. It will allow it to be a converged services operator.

In fact, with the unified telecom license, Vodacom Mozambique will be able to offer high-speed Internet, radio, television and other value-added services to consumers across the country.

In Mozambique, the unified license will enable the company to further improve its financial health in the country where it claimed 6,255,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2018, up 21.5%, compared to 5,147,000 subscribers registered in the same period in 2017. But, beyond Mozambique, Vodacom’s unified license is also the last piece that will help the group to move forward successfully in achieving its 2020 vision.

Mozambique is the last telecom group market that can now offer 4G to subscribers. This technological uniformity in its five markets – South Africa, Lesotho, DR Congo, Tanzania and Mozambique – will help Vodacom Group to become a key player in the digitization of society.

Source: Agence Ecofin