Mozambique: Vodacom Signs with Intelsat to Enhance 3G Services Across the Country

Mobile operator Vodacom Mozambique announces the improvement of its 3G network across the country. This technical performance, the telecom company reveals that it is the result of a multi-year service agreement signed with the provider of telecom satellite services, Intelsat SA. Indeed, thanks to its Intelsat EpicNG broadband satellite platform, Intelsat SA has upgraded the network operated by the telecom operator.

Basilio Pereira, the executive director of transmissions at Vodacom Mozambique, explains that  at the beginning, we thought the only way to upgrade our network to provide 3G services was to use an expensive terrestrial solution. Working with Intelsat, we learned how Intelsat EpicNG’s efficiency and throughput improvement could better serve our needs than a terrestrial option. In addition, we have been able to expand our reach, expand our subscriber base and achieve our growth objectives through reduced total cost of ownership. “

Through the upgrade of its 3G network, Vodacom Mozambique is delighted to be able to now cover areas like Pomene, rich in opportunities. “Pomene has become an important tourist destination for the country. As it attracts more and more visitors and cruise ships, the mobile network infrastructure needs to be upgraded quickly and economically to meet growing demand, “ said Vodacom Mozambique.

Source Agence Ecofin