MTN and Sky and Space Global Ltd Test Narrowband and Connected Network in Nigeria

Mobile phone operator MTN Nigeria has signed a partnership agreement with UK-based Sky and Space Global Ltd (SAS) to test a network for connected objects in the country. The MTN Nigeria test also includes the testing of a SAS narrowband satellite communications network. This experiment will allow both companies to scrutinize the potential of the IoT market and narrow-band applications with the intention of reaching a commercial agreement.

For Meir Moalem, SAS’s chief executive, the collaboration with MTN Nigeria is a great opportunity to gauge the potential of advanced IoT technology and narrow-band satellite as a catalyst for the development of the telecom market in Nigeria and in Nigeria. Africa. “There is a clear need to provide the many underserved populations with access to affordable and reliable telecommunications services. Our nano-satellite technology offers regional telecom operators a revolutionary and cost-effective satellite alternative, “ he said.

Sky and Space Global Ltd. is currently seeking to provide a narrowband communications network through a constellation of 200 miniature satellites. The first batch of this telecom equipment is expected to be sent to space by mid-2019.

Source: Agence Ecofin