Namibia: Paratus Africa signs commercial contract with NamPower to use its fiber optic network

NamPower, the state-owned electric utility, signed a commercial contract with Paratus Africa, an optical fiber Internet connectivity provider. Through this contract, Paratus will use the data capacity of the high-speed telecom network called “The Grid Online”, officially put into service last March, to improve the quality of its Internet services.

“Thanks to Grid Online, NamPower will now provide managed services to Paratus Africa or any other telecom provider that has subscribed with us,” said Kahenge Haulofu, Managing Director of NamPower. , revealed that the agreement is approved by the Ministry of Communication Technologies as it fits with the policy of infrastructure sharing required by the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia.

For its part, Paratus Africa, through its chairman and chief executive officer, Barney Harmse, said that the company is currently carrying out many relay positions and performing service tests. The posts of Van Eck; in Windhoek the capital and Swakopmund are completed. The Zambezi and Walvis Bay substations are under construction.

Source: Agence Ecofin