Nigeria: Govt to Review National Broadband Plan in 2018

Unsatisfied with the implementation process of Nigerian National Broadband Plan, which has a five year longevity period, the federal government has said it will review the plan by the end of 2018, when its longevity period will elapse.

Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu, who made the disclosure in an interview with THISDAY in Lagos, said the review would be necessary in order to finetune its contents, in line with global technology trends. He also said timeframe would be considered in achieving certain parameters in the reviewed broadband plan, in order to speed up broadband penetration in the country.

“We have a broadband plan that is designed to make broadband available to all Nigerians. The broadband plan is a five year plan from 2013 to 2018, but hopefully it will be reviewed by the end of next year. By next year we will review the broadband plan and come up with new plan that will catchup with modern technology trends,” Shittu told THISDAY.

Analysing the plan further, the minister said the target of 30 per cent broadband penetration as enshrined in the plan was even a low target for Nigeria, considering the clamour for ubiquitous broadband access by Nigerians.

He however expressed optimism that the country would surpass the 30 per cent penetration target, given the current statistics, which he said, showed some significant growth level in the country’s broadband penetration.

Source – THISDAY