Nigeria: MTN, Huawei deploy mobile solution for rural areas

MTN Nigeria and Huawei have completed commercial deployment of the RuralStar 2.0 solution to provide low-cost, long-distance voice and mobile broadband services for remote rural areas. Using low-band NLOS LTE Relay, it allows site deployment locations to change from high towers to low poles with a height of 12m, reducing the site infrastructure construction cost by 70%. In addition, low-band LTE Relay allows for the single-hop transmission distance of up to 40km, and therefore can be used as a substitute for microwave transmission and costly traditional satellite narrowband transmission. RuralStar 2.0 also uses low power consumption equipment enabling solar energy for the power supply.

‘RuralStar aims to create a healthy business ecosystem and connect the unconnected in emerging markets,’ commented Cao Ming, Vice President of Huawei Wireless Network Product Line, adding: ‘Huawei will work with the industry to eliminate the digital divide in emerging markets so that more people can enjoy the convenience brought by wireless communications and mobile internet.’

Source: TeleGeography