Nigeria: Telecom Operators Present Barriers to Government’s Efforts to Deliver Quality Service

In an interview with the Nigerian News Agency on 7 April 2018 , the Association of Licensed Telecom Operators in Nigeria (Alton) listed the obstacles to their efforts. to provide consumers with a quality telecom service.

Speaking to the government, Olusola Teniola, the president of the association, denounced vandalism on telecom equipment, the exchange rate remains high, the many regional taxes that are subject to telecom companies.

As for the vandalism of telecom equipment, Alton has expressed dissatisfaction with the poor protection of telecom towers and fiber optic networks. Olusola Teniola explained that the theft of cables and the sabotage of antennas have a significant impact on the poor quality of service that should not always be attributed to service providers as is always the case. He stressed that the state should strengthen the security of these facilities considered strategic infrastructure.

The high exchange rate, the president of Alton said that it also does not facilitate the acquisition of telecom equipment, however essential to improve the quality of services. This makes it difficult for operators to maintain investment in extending network coverage and ensuring the transition to higher-level telecom technologies.

Finally, the multitude of taxes is considered as a brake on investment. Alton estimates at 38, the number of different taxes that must be paid by its members. Many of these taxes are piling up on telecom stations. For operators, a multitude of taxes on each telecom station is asphyxiant in the end.

Olusola Teniola urges the government to take its responsibilities and give the players in the telecommunications sector, the means to provide quality telecom services to consumers and to preserve their investments.

Source: Agance Ecofin