Sierra Leone: Gambian operator Qcell visits local telecom market

The Gambian mobile operator, Qcell, has obtained a license to establish and operate a telecom network open to the public in Sierra Leone. The information was revealed by Muhammed Jah (photo), president and CEO of the telecom company, during a press conference on 1 st  October 2018. The entry of the telecom market Qcell Sierra Leone the company boss explained that it allows the Gambian company to diversify its activities.

According to Muhammed Jah, the company’s facility is still underway in Sierra Leone and should be completed soon. In terms of prices, he added that they will differ because the two countries have different pricing standards. For the staff, he will be Gambian in majority. Muhammed Jah said this is an opportunity for Gambians to work abroad and increase job opportunities for them.

Qcell, entering the Sierra Leonean telecom market, becomes the fourth largest telecom operator in the country. He joins SierraTel, the incumbent telecommunications operator, mobile operator Orange and Africell.

Source: Agence Ecofin