Sierra Leone: President Julius Maada Bio makes ICT a national development tool

In line with the ambitions of the President of the Republic, Julius Maada Bio, to make information and communication technologies (ICTs) a national development tool, the Directorate of Science, Technology and Technology and Innovation (DSTI), created last May, officially started its activities.

“My strategic vision for science, technology and innovation is not to start producing chips and to compete with Intel or Samsung, for now (…) We seek to cultivate scientific, technological and technological tools. innovation that will be successfully applied to solve our national development problems and improve the quality of life in Sierra Leone. “ said the Head of State who entrusted the direction of the DSTI, David Moinina Sengeh, research scientist at IBM Research Africa.

According to the director of the DSTI, the government agency will be the first in the world to develop an impenetrable encrypted network that will maintain the state’s data security. He stressed: “we have everything. Sierra Leone has an environment conducive to the development of technology and innovation, because the president has made it a priority (…) We have the technical know-how. Our scientists are the best and the brightest in their field.  

Source: Agence Ecofin