South Africa: HeroTel Acquires VTN Communications to Increase Wi-Fi Footprint

Wireless Internet Service Provider HeroTel Announces 100% Acquisition of VTN Communications (VTNC) Voice over IP Provider and Private Branch Exchange. According to Corne de Villiers, the CEO of HeroTel, the decision to acquire VTNC stems from its prosperity and the growth potential it offers. VTNC is “on an accelerated growth trajectory and we are excited to have it in the group. Their client base is mainly national and international multi-branch companies and we see limited overlap, but huge strategic synergies , “he said.

VTNC is the 28 th acquisition of such qu’effectue Herotel to become the largest Internet service provider without South African wire. Corne de Villiers indicates that “to date, these acquisitions have focused mainly on geographical coverage and customer base, which has allowed us to acquire a set of specific skills (voice skills) that can be produced and distributed to service providers. Current and future wireless Internet that join the group. “

Thanks to the acquisition of Safricom and Truecom, HeroTel, for example, has expanded its footprint in the North West Province of South Africa. The acquisition of Lcom and IGEN Wireless has allowed it to expand further into the Eastern Cape. In Cape Town, it’s the acquisition of Sonic Telecoms that has opened up more market.

“We have a fast growing customer base of more than 45,000 users who are looking for more than just connectivity from us. VTNC will allow us to offer voice services to these customers on a scale and quality that would be difficult to replicate organically, “ said Alan Knott-Craig Junior, president of HeroTel.

Source: Agence Ecofin