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Business LoanFor CEO's planning their strategies to expand into new vertical markets, diversify, require upgrades on legacy infrastructure or having to reach to new geographical areas, or planning specific targeted projects may require short term investment or long term capital input via a strategic partner Different types of funding is always required for different reasons and can be sourced on the basis of the terms and conditions of the financier and negotiation.  This is a constant requirement when planning a large project or a company looking at consolidating it's resources to gain liquidity. Although Extensia Bridge is not a registered financial institution, we do provide professional procurement consultation to source the right funding partner an be it a strategic partner. We have local and International strategic finance partners and associations, due to our 15 year industry focus within the Telecoms ecosystem for various African companies.  We assist our customers to procure Partners (joint-venture), Equity and Asset backed funding for Telecoms, Energy and certain broad-based projects. Examples include data centres, infrastructure including legacy infrastructure renewal services (example: 3G to 4G to 5G hardware), by sourcing an appropriate local or International service provider or finance partner could be complex and more than most, the two requirements necessitate the combination of both contributors.