Tanzania: Sh85bn Spent On Linking Four Million Tanzanians

The Universal Communications Service Access Fund (UCSAF) has spent a total of Sh85 billion during the past five years that have helped some four million Tanzanians to get access to telecommunication services, The Citizen has learnt.

The UCSAF chief executive officer, Mr Peter Ulanga said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the money, plus what private investors have contributed, has helped the country to extend the network coverage of telecommunication services by 150,000 kilometres, covering about 16 per cent of Tanzania’s population.

“Before the beginning of UCSAF projects the percentage of Tanzanians – covered by telecommunication services was below 80 per cent but now, it has risen to about 90 per cent,” Mr Ulanga said in his presentation to the Deputy Minister for Works, Transport and Communications, Mr Atashasta Nditiye, who visited UCSAF offices yesterday.

First phase project started in 2012 and according to Mr Ulanga, it has so far connected 2,000 villages across 444 wards. Work in other 120 wards was still in progress.

In his remarks, Mr Nditiye asked UCSAF to ensure that its services reach the neglected parts of the country.

Source: The Citizen