Tanzania: TTCL Mulls More Services As It Seeks to Boost Income

Tanzania: TTCL Mulls More Services As It Seeks to Boost Income

Tanzania Telecommunication Corporation (TTCL) has said it is looking at selling telecommunication services through its fibre optic network aimed at increasing revenues. The move is aimed at ensuring that the company earns sufficient revenue, not only to smooth operations but also to give dividends to the government, which is the main shareholder of the company.

The TTCL Corporation Director General Waziri Kindamba said the company is targeting to increase dividends to the government up to Sh2.7 billion for this financial year from Sh1.5 billion paid to the government for 2016/17 financial year.

“This year we have paid Sh1.5 billion dividend to the government, we are expecting to pay between Sh2.5 billion and Sh2.7 billion next year,” Kindamba said.

The dividend for 2016/17 was part of Sh28.5 billion profit after tax, with the company’s income stood at Sh217 billion during the year.

The company said the move was in line with supporting the government’s efforts to improve social services in the country since the money could be used to construct hospitals, schools and laboratories.

Giving a nutshell on how they would achieve, he explained that the TTCL has more sources of income of which it is going to effectively utilize to expand scope of revenues.

Among the areas, the company is the custodian of the National Fibre Optic Cable network as well as the Data Centre.

With these facilities, the company looks forward to selling telecommunication services to the neighbouring landlocked countries of Rwanda and Burundi, and thus raises revenues. “We have continued strengthening our capacity of collecting revenues,” he said.

On other hand, Mr Kindamba revealed that they want to register at least 200,000 new customers this year as part of the company’s growth.

Meanwhile, the corporation emerged winner of the Telecommunication category at the ongoing 42nd Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF).