Zambia: Airtel outsources call centre ops to ISON BPO instead of Tech Mahindra

Airtel Zambia has selected ISON BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) to run its call centre effective 01 July. ISON BPO is present in ten African countries including South Africa, Malawi and Tanzania. It takes over from Tech Mahindra, which has been running the network’s call centre in an Airtel outsourced model since 2011. The organisation employs 12,500 people in sixteen countries, serving 400 million customers.

Newly appointed Airtel Zambia Managing Director Apoorva Mehrotra said Airtel has the widest geographical footprint in Zambia with over 1,300 towers. Mehrotra said effective call centre handling is key to ensuring that customers continue to get a quality service. Employees from Tech Mahindra will be given preferential treatment in terms of employment in the transition to ISON BPO.