Zambia: Government unveiled plan to regulate social networks

The government of the Republic of Zambia unveiled on July 5, 2018, its intention to regulate social networks accused of contributing to the rise of dangerous social behavior.

In the face of the deputies, Communication Minister Brian Mushimba (photo) said that several so-called cybersecurity laws are being drafted for this purpose.

Once ready, the Minister of Communication has revealed that the government wants these laws to come into effect in 2019. They will deter and punish inappropriate social behavior on the Internet.

“It is obvious that social networks in Zambia have become the engine of the detachment of our society’s members from our cultural norms (…) The cases of impostures, insults, abuses, false accusations and swindles on social networks have reached an alarming level ,  lamented the minister before adding ” that all those who engage in these abject behaviors are shaking, the government will not sit idly by . 

Zambia is not the first African nation that has decided to regulate social networks to combat a number of abuses. Uganda does this in its own way through a fee for using these trading platforms.

Other countries like Egypt or Cameroon, rather consider a legal framework.

Source: Agence Ecofin