Zambia: MTN Zambia expounds on FTTH ambitions

Zambia: MTN Zambia expounds on FTTH ambitions

MTN Zambia has unveiled its Fibre to the Home (FTTH) product under the umbrella initiative ‘Connected Home’ to underpin the roll out of internet via fibre connectivity across local homes.

MTN’s FTTH will be delivered to customers via Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) technology enabling one single feed from MTN’s nearest point of presence to serve multiple homes and small businesses.

According to the operator, the platform removes significant cost and accessibility obstacles, enabling access to the internet on a broader scale, and leading to the formation of a vast network of easy to access solutions addressing real-world and business needs.

Acting MTN Zambia Enterprise Business Unity general manager Kambalume Malukutila said in a statement yesterday that under Connected Home, customers have several options including Connected Home LTE, Connected Home Fibre and Connected Home LTE Plus.

Malukutila said, “To ensure uninterrupted connectivity and outstanding customer experience for our customers, wherever there is MTN Zambia presence, the FTTH platform has a dedicated network for operational and business system support.”

He said MTN’s Business FTTH will enable enterprise customers to grow their businesses by providing them with reliable connectivity, adding that the company will also enhance and expand its cloud services offering in the coming months.

MTN Zambia is the country’s largest and fasted growing mobile phone operator with over 5 million customers followed by Airtel Zambia with Zamtel in the third position.

Source: IT Web Africa