Zimbabwe: New sanctions in prospect against telecom operators for poor quality of service

The Zimbabwe Post and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (Potraz) has issued a warning to telecom operators whose poor quality of service continues. Last weekend, George Manyaya, the director in charge of consumers and advertising with the Potraz, said that “the time of complacency is over. All operators will have to constantly improve the standard of their services and ensure that it remains aligned with the quality of service indicators of the regulator. “

“In keeping with the new government’s desire to improve the ease of doing business, subscribers should be able to make calls and send their messages without encountering difficulties. You also have the right to be protected against market abuse such as excessive pricing, discriminatory pricing, restrictive contractual terms, unfair business practices, including misleading and deceptive advertising, and any form of anti-competitive behavior. “said George Manyaya.

For the telecoms regulator, operators must now, first of all, ensure the interest of consumers. Because a bad quality of service, although prejudicial to the customers, is more bad for the company which offers it since it depreciates its brand image, the confidence placed in it by the customer, destroys the loyalty in favor of the competition .

Source: Agance Ecofin

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