Zimbabwe: TelOne secures VoD permit

Zimbabwe state-owned fixed phone and internet operator TelOne has secured a broadcasting licence for Video-on-Demand (VoD) services.

Telecom operators in the Southern African country continue to diversify into new data-enabled media platforms.

TelOne is the second telecom operator to be awarded a VoD operating licence after the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe issued a similar permit to Econet Wireless, which is also licensed for webcasting and content distribution.

“TelOne has been awarded a broadcasting service licence by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) in terms of Section 10 (11) of the Broadcasting Services Act,” read a statement issued by TelOne on Friday.

It added that it could now offer Video on Demand services across the entire country.

The company is expecting to ride on its internet infrastructure and increased take up of its data services.

The telco hinted at introducing video streaming services last year as it moves up the data value chain category. “Essentially this will introduce another TV option to Zimbabweans. But it will have to offer real value even just to become an alternative,” says the Techzim blog.

Reports say “TelOne has broadband capacity of 105 000 ADSL and Fibre to the Home combined”, with this capacity expected to expand by more than 100% in the next few years to reach 250 000 by 2020.

The company has been plagued by legacy loans which it is failing to settle while it has also been affected by unsettled bills owed by government departments and parastatals, contributing to its loss making run.

TelOne is now set to be partially privatised alongside fellow state-owned mobile operator, NetOne.

Source: IT Web Africa