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Supporting the sustainable growth of telecoms and ICT in Africa

Extensia connects people! Through our events, we bring key stakeholders together to drive the development of Africa’s Telecoms and ICT Sector. Through our Extensia Bridge service, we consult on Digital Transformation and Business Optimisation and connect buyers with trusted solution partners. Read more:

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Extensia Bridge supports the growth and transformation of Africa’s Telecoms and ICT Service Providers

Telecoms and ICT on the African Continent is one of the most challenging and dynamic sectors in the World. To keep pace with change and embrace opportunity, service providers need a partner who can help them to keep pace with change while they manage the here and now! Extensia Bridge is that partner for many service providers across Africa.

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Leap Africa, a non-profit organisation focused on youth development, together with Dow, Africa a leader in materials science, and other ...

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To develop faster, Madagascar will fully liberalize its telecommunications sector. The country’s telecom watchdog, the ARTEC, launched a tender in ...

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Starlink has not yet obtained authorization from local authorities to provide its high-speed satellite Internet services in Ghana. The company plans ...

Starlink’s satellite saga: Legal battles and telecom titans clash in South Africa

In an article by Jan Vermeulen, the potential threat posed by Starlink, SpaceX’s Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) satellite network, to South Africa’s ...

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