More Africa NewsMalawi: Airtel Improves Rural Network Coverage – New Towers in Mangochi and Chikwawa

February 18, 2019by myles

Malawi’s leading mobilephone network provider Airtel Malawi has intensified rural areas network towers installation in a bid to improve coverage as an overall economic development strategy of the country as it will enable people to access information within their locality.

The company targets about 80 sites across the country that have either had poor or no network at all and will improve network coverage in rural areas to enhance rural communities’ use of information and communications technology (ICT) services.

This is a long year project that the company embarks as so far 50 sites have already reached with new towers.

On Thursday, the visit at Idrissu Trading Centre in Mangochi district brought tears of joy to the community for having quality network coverage after a new tower was installed.

“We are able now easily access mobile banking, internet services and calling after Airtel installed the new network tower. We no longer use Movitel from Mozambique which was the only mobile network,” said Group Village Headman Idrissu.

“We used to climb on trees, ant-hills to access network for communication as we didn’t have any reliable service provider here.If you want Airtel money services you were required to travel along distance to Mangochi Boma “, said Idrissu.

Airtel Malawi Director of Marketing, Frank Magombo addressing the audience after touring the newly installed tower in the area said time has come for people in Mangochi especially Idrissu area that time to enjoy quality services.

“Days are gone when you will relying on Movitel from Mozambique because with this tower you will now be able to make calls and transacting money on Airtel money using Airtel,” he said.

Magombo also disclosed that the company is rolling out over 80 new 2G and 3G Airtel network towers to improve connectivity in remote areas.

Magombo said Airtel believe that connected people are inspired and that their lives will be improved through the power of being connected on their network.

On Wednesday, Airtel also commissioned another tower at Alumenda in Chikwawa district where hundreds of people led by Group Village Headman Alumenda attended the function.

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